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Mnt Goat Saturday Afternoon post emailed to Recaps – 06/14/2014

I come to you today to give you an update on the latest attacks in Iraq and how this relates towards the international rollout of the IQD for Iraq.

Today is June 14th and I feel like we are sweeping up the floor in the aftermath of a hurricane….lol…..

Remember in recent past new letters I have stated that this week would be a deciding week for the democracy of Iraq. I also said that quite possibly the Maliki government would try some kind of last minute antics to try to derail the elections process and seat himself again for a 3rd term.

I had been proven right once again in my intel and what we witnessed this past week was absolutely amazing drama. It was a planned plot by Maliki, a revolution masked as a terrorist attack. This plot was also part of a coercive strategy on Maliki’s part to try to force  parliament into granting him these special national emergency powers.The plot did not work. If he was granted these powers he surely would have derailed the election process and legally made himself self-proclaimed dictator of Iraq.

As you may know this past week militants in Iraq gained control to regulate the so-called Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant “Daash”, the center of Mosul, Nineveh province (the second largest city in Iraq after Baghdad) and a number of districts and areas in the provinces of Salahuddin, Kirkuk. They were able to do this with the aid of Maliki.

As the militants entered the town of Mosul, has the Iraq army stood their positions (militants out numbered 40:1) this entire situation would not have evolved. Instead Maliki ordered his defensive forces to retreat leaving behind their weapons and military equipment. They did this in order to intentionally provide the oncoming militants with weapons and ammunition to continue the fight and progress into Kirkuk. Once they reached this area they were stopped and are not being rounded up. The situation is now under control and I am told is winding down. Over 1,000 militants are dead and another expected 500-800 captured or wounded. Some have escaped into Syria.  .There are many who look at this as Maliki reprisals against not being allowed to had a 3rd term as prime minister. I believe, as does many politicians in Iraq, believe we just witnessed this devious plot my Iraq’s own prime minister to take total control over his country. We see a definite pattern too with the attempt to seize the richest oil well in Iraq, that of Kirkuk.Yesterday I watched a news brief on CNN on this topic. I could hardly believe the slant of the news from the Iraq ambassador to the USA.  He would not address the real issues of the situation as the direct questions were asked. He just kept emphasizing that Iraq was now a working  democracy and there was no need to change the current prime minister. he also said it was not the prime minister causing the current situation. We all know the truth don’t we? So can you now see the outright lies being told.

So if you put the pieces together you can get the entire picture of this latest drama of Maliki and his goons generating yet more chaos and fear in Iraq. This is not new to Iraq since over these last 4 years he has demonstrated an ability to stall legislation and aggrevate civil protests as well as holding back the currency revaluation. This is why this current prime minister must not be allowed yet another 4 year term.

This is why the international courts must intervene and hold this man accountable for his actions and his crimes against humanity. This is why too Iraq judiciary must also prosecute this man for the crimes in the many files on corruption they have on him and his State of Law coalition. President Obama of the USA also in a news brief on this topic stated(I am not quoting)  that Iraq will get only limited assistance from the USA on these matters but it must live up to its part of the Security of Forces Agreement  (SFA). He was referring to the national defense and security forces of Iraq and how they are being used as political pawns rather than in defense and security of the nation of Iraq (their intended purpose). He was referring to the past actions of the prime minister Nori Al- Maliki. If you read between the lines you can hear the non-supportive tone of his voice for this current government run by the State of Law coalition. I believe we are about to see a change.

 It is time for a house cleaning !

The good news is this  week’s ride is over and the mandate of the Maliki government has expired. Who will be the next prime minister and what is the line up for the other key members of the government? I can now tell you only what I know.

Today’s News
There has been no announcements yet in Iraq on the new government. Even the Iraqi citizen awaits the news.

Today is June 14th and it seems the election process is moving forward once again.

Today the  House Speaker Osama Nujaifi  announced the end of the current parliament and his presidency of the Council of Representatives.  He also added, all immunity has been lifted on all members of Parliament and the government as of today.

It was announced today that the new parliament will open it’s first official session on June 30. First on the agenda will be to open the corruption files and begin investigations. Next make recommendations to the judiciary to take action on these files if deemed necessary.So when do we get the announcement of the final election results?

The election commission announced on May 19th, the results of the parliamentary elections. In this announcement the coalition of state law received  95 seats, and  Menus Bra second place with 32 seats and then a Citizen’s Coalition 29 seats and the United coalition with 23 seats, the National Coalition led by Iyad Allawi, in fifth place with 21 seats, while sixth place Kurdistan Democratic Party 19 seats shared with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) center with 19 seats also.

However the “final” election results are not the preliminary results instead the final results will be the product of all the negotiating and bargaining that goes on between the preliminary result announcement and the deadline to make the final announcement by the judiciary.

A product of this process was the National party and the Citizens alliance forming a strong united bloc along with other parties joining combining seats. The theme of this new bloc was to eliminate Maliki, the Dawa party and the State of Law. This new coalition will be the new government and now has gained the majority seats in parliament. It does not include the State of Law coalition (Maliki’s party). WE also  heard there were 800+ claims in the appeals court as election fraud was ramped. These all had to be reviewed and investigated. These too were taken into consideration in the final tallies.

Yesterday the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Nikolay Mladenov, urged the Federal Court not to delay in the ratification of the election results for the House of Representatives any longer.

Mladenov stressed that in light of the end of the mandate of the current board on June 14th and the recent developments unprecedented that resulted in this last crisis, security and humanitarian situation in Iraq, there is a need to ensure a parliament representing all Iraqis continue its work to address the decisions urgent national importance.

All this news was expected and on time but still we wait for the final election results.

I would expect we should see the announcement of the final election results either today or tomorrow.

What bothers me now is that they have not announced a delay from the June 10th deadline. I am skeptical that perhaps we have monkey business going on in the judiciary. It would not surprise me to see some corruption and a false report of the election results come out. Maliki seems to have is hand in everything.

So the next step in the election process in of course the formal announcement of the election results. Then the taking of the oath by all new parliament members.

These new members then will vote on the candidate for president (as presented to them by the controlling bloc as winners from the election) in the next session.

The president then will announce the new candidate for prime minister to the parliament, which will then ratify and seat him in the assembly.

Up to this point this all could take a matter of days but more likely maybe a couple weeks, since as we have seen Iraq does not rush to do anything. Maybe this new parliament will be different and since they are now moving forward with a new government things may change.

Next the new prime minister will then announce the candidates to head the ministries. Parliament must then ratify (approve) each new minister. The prime minister then seats the heads of the approved ministers.

We are looking at having this all completed by July 14th as an outside window.
These timelines are given of course with no more chaos and games from the new government or the old government for that matter.

Must they complete all these tasks first to see the international revaluation of their currency?

No – I do believe the USA will complete the revaluation process just before or just after the formal announcement of the new government officials. This is my opinion.

Another Option
There are sources now telling me that the USA  may wait for everyone to be officially seated and to observe the first real working session of the parliament prior to rolling out the revaluation.

Personally I do not see them waiting this long but it is a real possibility in light of what Maliki did in 2010-2011 when he failed to seat his ministers and instead used 3 proxy ministers (defense, security and interior) his entire 4 year term.

This action, as we all know,  allowed him to play the shenanigans that transpired ever since by the improper use of the military and security forces as pawns in his political game of power. Also remember all the falsified contracts, banking schemes and other corruption in dealing with the interior ministry duties. I just don’t think they (meaning the USA) are going to allow this to happen again.

So today’s news is all good since I am hearing Iraq is  moving forward with the election process and it does not  include  Maliki and his goons.

We can expect the final announcement of the election results any time now since the   deadline of June 10th  is now 4 days past.

The date of June 10th was never really officially postponed and this bothers me since they quickly announced the postponement of the June1st deadline. So what is going on?

Since they have already passed the new deadline date and I would have expected some kind of announcement at least of the postponement and a future date to look forward to. Since we have not gotten this new date I suspect we are on the verge of hearing the announcement very, very soon. We all know we saw this crisis drama play out this past week and so perhaps they are waiting to complete the final mop up of the militants?

Possible Coup d’état on the near horizon?
I also believe something is brewing still with Maliki since I am hearing rumors from the Iraq military that the prime minister may try a coup d’état also known as a coup, to cause a sudden and illegal seizure of the country of Iraq through the use of the military and security forces while parliament is not in session and the new government is being implemented. It is to being instigated by Maliki and a small group of loyal army generals.  I certainly hope this is not accurate. I also know the CIA has been informed  so I am being overly optimistic this can be handled before it becomes a problem. This could also be delaying the news of the announcements we wait for.

Will it ever end?
Yes there is an end- I am now hearing from my Iraqi sources that the judiciary has already ratified the final election results but has not yet announced them to the world or Iraq. They are waiting for Maliki and anyone of his followers to not be in the mix of this new government when the announcement is made.

We are in an excellent window to have these announcements this weekend or early next week. Lets’ sit back and watch how this all plays out in the next 4-5 days.

Remember that the IQD has already had in-country revalued at a rate of $3.41 earlier this year so we can expect a rate equal or greater to this amount. We now just await the international rollout.

This final process has been hindered by political forces in Iraq by the crooked Iraq government officials as well as in the USA.

We have also heard recently over and over again that Maliki wanted to complete the revaluation on his 2nd term. I have told you this was complete nonsense and if you have been paying attention to the politics (instead of listening to these crackpot intel sources) you would have realized that the USA was not going to support any revaluation while the government was still unstable. Being so close the conclusion of the elections and forming their new government (without Maliki) then why would the USA allow the RV to complete? We all know they own this power to complete it.  Are we all tired of this nonsense? Is there no common sense in the intel we get. Can’t we just screen out some of this nonsense?

I  want to emphasize once again this final announcement  of the IQD going international will not happen until the USA feels the Iraq government is stable and is a functional government. This is has been the plan all along. They may have wavered a bit on how the plan was implemented but the overall plan guidelines have not changed.

Remember also the revaluation of the IQD is part of the Global Currency Reset (GCR) and so this adds yet another layer of complication to the process.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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