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Worldwide Financial Criminal Network Revealed Part 2

Worldwide Financial Criminal Network Revealed Part 2


Michelle Hansen Denver Mortgage Fraud Victim

(MDC-NYSE) Denver Headquarters of Organized Crime.
Colorado:  Banksters, Thieves, and Crooks…

Does a Widow Michelle Hansen have a chance Monday June 16, 2014 in U.S. District Court Denver the Heart of the Denver Organized Crime Syndicates controlled Justice System?

Monday June 16, 2014 10:00 AM mountain time zone US District Court Denver Judge Robert Blackburn to be heard by his Magistrate Michael E. Hegarty

Court room 5th Floor Room 501

Alfred A. Arraj Courthouse

901 19th Street Denver Colorado 80294  303-844-3433

If the US Magistrate Michael E. Hegarty who will be hearing Michelle Hansen’s case to give her back her home that is paid for and give her clear Title and to order those involved to fix her home they just gutted she would get partial Justice. Michelle is owed Millions in emotional and punitive and other damages for the horror she has suffered after her Husband died of a rare heart cancer.

Michelle’s original filing in U.S. District Court asked for an Emergency Injunction to stop the illegal eviction of Michelle Harris and all occupants not Michelle Hansen and it was not even the legal address of her home on the write. U.S. District Court Denver Judge Robert Blackburn never signed the order to stop an illegal write issued by Arapaho County Judge Justin Mark Hannen even though Michelle Hansen had provided a copy showing her Mortgage had been paid off to JP Morgan upon her husband’s death by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. Asking for Emergency Injunction is not unusual attorneys do it all the time and are grant an order until a hearing can be set to prove why you needed the Injunction. But not in this case of Michelle Hansen a widow who has been scammed by three separate attorney firms.


Filed March 24, 2014

                               Filed March 14, 2014
Civil Action No. 14-CV-714
Civil Action No. 2014-CV-714

A/k/a Michelle Hansen
Honorable Judge Justin Mark Hannen,









Comes now the Plaintiff Michelle Dawn Hansen appearing pro se and in forma pauperis and files this action for Emergency Injunctive Relief against the Honorable Judge Justin Mark Hannen of  ARAPAHOE COUNTY DISTRICT COURT , et al. the court, filed herein THE UNTIED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLORADO for prospective injunctive relief , solely in equity under the United States Constitution to Restrain the ARAPAJOE COUNTY DISTRCT COURT from illegal foreclosure and to order a Stay Emergency Injunction against said court and its Illegal Write to remove Plaintiff from Plaintiffs home and allow the Plaintiff Michelle Hansen to present the evidence herein that shows that the property in question 2869 S. Espana court in Aurora Colorado 80013 has been paid in full to the original lender J.P. Morgan Bank and that the ARAPAJOE COUNTY DISTRICT COURT HAS ISSUES AN ILLEGAL ERONIOUS WRITE ORDERING THE PLAINTIFF TO VACATE THE PLAINTIFFS HOME, based on Eccentric Frauds (RICO) (COCA) involving the Defendant’s Named herein.


The write ordered by Judge Justin Mark Hanne, ARAPAHOE COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, et al



1790 W Littleton Blvd, Littleton, CO 80120 DATE FILED: March 20, 201411:59 Arv

Court Tel. No. 303.798.4591 Plaintiff(s): SRP Sub LLC

v. Tammy Herivel

Clerk of the Court

Defendant(s): Michelle D Harris And All Other Occupants.


Mark N. Tschetter # 18433

Tschetter Hamrick Sulzer, P.c. Case Number: 20 14C34346

3600 S Yosemite St. # 828

Denver CO, 80237

Phone No. 303.766.8004


The people of the State of Colorado, to the Sheriff of said County:

WHEREAS, Plaintiff SRP Sub LLC obtained ajudgment on 3/18/2014, against the Defendant(s) Michelle D Harris AND ALL OTHER OCCUPANTS in the above titled action of unlawful detainer, for restitution of the premises following to wit:

2869 S Espana Ct, Aurora, CO 80013

THESE ARE THEREFORE TO COMMAND YOU, in the name and by the people, to dispossess the said befendant(s)

Michelle D Harris AND ALL OTHER OCCUPANTS and restore the said Plaintiff SRP Sub LLC to the possession of the said premises.


Contact: Mikael Bjork
Apartment: SRP Sub LLC
Mikael Bjork
303.327.9070 – 720.466.3774

I hereby declare that I served the foregoing Writ of Restitution on the Defendants at the above address.

This Writ was served on (date) in Arapahoe County by
__ Posting it in a conspicuous place upon the premises described therein
__ Personally handing it to a person identified to me as _
I am over the age of 18 years and not a party to this case
Signed: _ Date _
Signed: _
Date, _

The Plaintiff MICHELLE DAWN HANSEN is entitled to injunctive relief for the following reasons:

If the Write and order to vacate from ARAPAHOE COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, et al,  is a not stopped by the DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLORADO through an Emergency Injunction the Plaintiff  will suffer irreparable injury.

The Plaintiffs Affidavit enclosed herein below:

This case of Eccentrics Frauds and RICO, COCA is currently being investigated by the Arapahoe District Attorney.

The Plaintiff is entitled to injunctive relief for the following reasons:

1)   Plaintiff is endangered by continuing Eccentric Frauds, extortion and retaliation by Defendant’s named herein and operating as an illegal Organized Criminal Enterprise under (RICO) 18 U.S.C. 1961 et al, and the Colorado Organized Crime Act.

2)   The threatened injury to Plaintiff Michelle Hansen outweighs whatever damage the proposed injunction may cause the opposing party.

3)   No injury to the Defendant’s including its officials acting as part of an ongoing criminal enterprise can outweigh the pro se Plaintiff’s interest in competent legal pleadings attaching the proof to the criminal statutes privately actionable under the RICO and FCA statutes, the latter for which the plaintiff must have an attorney and the former are too complex for the vast majority of pro se Plaintiffs to adequately plead.

4) The injunction, if issued, would not be adverse to the public interest.

5) The violations of federal criminal statutes and Colorado Criminal statues described in the Plaintiff’s affidavit vindicate the only recognizable public interest, the enforcement of the nation’s laws.


The Plaintiff Michelle Hansen filed the follow on
Michelle has been to the FBI, State of Colorado Financial Regulators, the U.S. Attorney’s office in Denver and the Arapahoe County District attorney none will do their job and basically have told her they can do nothing.

Michelle has called attorney after attorney to try and find representation they all tell her the same thing this is Colorado’s Organized Crime and no one can go up against it. The Feds and State Officials are controlled by MDC and Larry Mizel.

Michelle Hansen has tried to figure out over the past two years who and how they were playing this ponzi scheme and Mortgage scam with multiple fake identities on her home she has become a great investigator and a tireless worker quite frankly she wore me out and this has been so complicated and so unbelievable that it took me quite a while just to understand it. Millions of dollars in Insurance Frauds and Mortgages have been writing on her home with multiple legal descriptions and using her identity on other properties and loans made on those properties and what is unbelievable is the evidence was turned over to the Arapaho County District attorney who later claimed in an email letter to Michelle he never received any evidence after this reporter had contacted his office and Michelle went in person and delivered the evidence.

It sound to me that Washington, D.C. needs to send another U.S. Attorney in and do another Grand Jury and investigate this Organized Crime Syndicate again for possible bribery of Public Officials like occurred in 1997.

We will see if Michelle gets Justice Monday or if I am back here writing about what happened.

The below is Michelle story in her own writing of what occurred and she is not the only widow this has happened to and in my series of articles over the next month I will be telling other victims stories and more details of how Denver’s Organized Crime has taken over America.

Look at 3600 South Yosemite the address of the attorney of record of the so called Swiss Investor that bought her house illegally. This is one of MDC Holdings address.
Here is the Time line of Michelle Hansen’s story:

Dan Hansen buys house May 30th 2006 for $167,000.00 2869 South Espana Court Aurora, Colorado 80013. Legal Description: Lot 11, Block 2, Seven Hills A Subdivision Filing No. 10, County of Arapahoe, State of Colorado, from Tim Farney who was President of Pioneer Lending who makes Loan then sells to Suntrust who sends letter stating we appreciated serving your loan. The Chase Home Finance LLC take Loan.

Dan Hansen Dies January 23, 2008 of a rare Heart Cancer that suddenly developed six months after purchasing their home. Estate Attorneys Laurie A. Hunter with Wade, Ash, Woods and Farley does something unknown. Billed her $2,000.00 gave Michelle Hansen Will and filed Beneficiary Deed at Arapaho county records Office. Laurie Hunter states there is now Mortgage Insurance and to continue paying payments to Chase and a 2nd to SunTrust 80-20 split of loan. Michelle Hansen continues paying the loans.

January 2008 Attorney Laurie Hunter and Michelle Hansen talk on a 3 way conversation with Chase Mortgage regard the death of Dan Hansen, Michelle’s Husband and Chase stated to continue making the Mortgage payments. So Chase Mortgage is at this point aware they Michelle Hansen is the Beneficiary of her late Husband’s house at 2869 South Espana Court Aurora, Colorado 80013.

January 2010 Michelle Hansen then begins dating conman Jason Guy Hovde for 6 months then she asked her to marry him. Michelle Hansen at age 32 marries August 2, 2010 Jason Hovde age 39. The two were married until he left on May 6, 2011 after Michelle began questioning everything related to Jason Hovde’s Business activities after she witnessed his burning of clients trading account records.

Jason Hovde moves out and empties out joint saving and checking account of Michelle and Jason Hovde. Jason Hovde contacts local Gas, Water and Electric companies and gets refunded for the past 4 months of all household bills including Michelle Hansen Hovde’s car payments.

This leaves Michelle Hanson with 4 months of bills, Michelle contact Chase Mortgage who was unto date on house payment but wanted to know if she could have some extension of time because of what Jason Hovde had done with the 4 months of refunds. Michelle had witness and seen these payments were made from their joint checking account.  Somehow Jason Hovde got refunds from these bills which left Michelle in a temporary bind.  Only someone connected to this Colorado Organized Crime could pull off something like this with local utilities.

Dissolution of marriage was given August 2012 in Douglas County, Colorado.

May 10th 2011 Michelle was told by Chase Mortgage that she was qualified for a loan modification and or refinance would send Michelle a packet in the mail within a week. After one week Michelle contacts Chase Mortgage that they cannot speak to Michelle Hansen that she is no longer on the account which Michelle Hansen at this time is the legal heir and beneficiary to her first and dead husband Dan Hansen’s estate.

Chase stated they could only speak with Dan Hansen he was the only one on the Chase Mortgage account. Michelle Hansen informed Chase Mortgage of Dan Hansen’s death again. (January 2008 Attorney Laurie Hunter and Michelle Hansen talk on a 3 way conversation with Chase Mortgage regard the death of Dan Hansen, Michelle’s Husband and Chase stated to continue making the Mortgage payments. So Chase Mortgage is at this point aware they Michelle Hansen is the Beneficiary of her late Husband’s house at 2869 South Espana Court Aurora, Colorado 80013.)

June 2011 Michelle Hansen contacted her former Attorney Laurie Hunter and informs her of what Chase Mortgage stated; Denver Attorney Laure Hunter’s response was “Chase has to talk with you, you are the owner”.  (Michelle has letter insert here).

Michelle gets behind 2 months on the Chase Home Loan because of the refunds from utilities paid to her going to be ex-husband. Michelle Hansen gets behind 2 months with Chase Mortgage on her house payment. Then Michelle comes up with the full amount of 2 months and all late fees to catch the bring the Mortgage up to date but Chase Mortgage refuse her payments.

July 2011 Michelle Hansen tried to pay the past 2 months with late fees payments by check which was never cashed by Chase Mortgage.

August 2011 Michelle Hansen goes to local Chase Mortgage office and talks with local Vice President Chelsea Moore of Chase at Hampton and Tower Rd. Aurora, Colorado who informs her that someone has made a terrible error and re assured Michelle it was not her. That Michelle Hansen had been wrongfully removed from the account. VP Chelsea would fix it and that Chase made a terrible mistake and based on the Will and Arapahoe County clerk and recorders records showing Michelle Hansen owned the house when her husband had died.  Vice President Chase Mortgage Chelsea Moore stated not to worry about it the Chase would fix it.

September 2011 Michelle Hansen hires Real Estate Englewood, Colorado Attorney Lauren Selinger that Chase was idiots and Attorney Lauren Selinger tells Michelle Hansen she would get Chase Mortgage to talk with Michelle Hansen.

???????????????My first Real Estate attorney was Lauren Selinger Esq,

September 2011-September 2012 for one year repeatedly Chase requested a faxed copy of Dan Hansen’s Death Certificate and still refused to accept payments.

September 23, 2011 Chase receives payments in full for her house at 2869 South Espana Court Aurora, Colorado, in the amount of $130,000.00, believed to be from Metropolitan life insurance company the insurance on the note in the event of her late husband’s death.

September 2012 Lauren Selinger advises Michelle to just walk away from the home, that
There is no dealing with “Chase” and that “Suntrust” won’t “track you down over $30,000, you should simply walk away.”

Michelle Hansen knew that the mere suggestion of running from a bank was a ridiculous suggestion and that she wanted to honor her debt, if one did in fact exist.

September of 2012 Michelle made calls for a second opinion and ended up in the carriage house of Keith A. Gantenbein who told her that there is no mention of Lauren Selinger anywhere, and that she has actually done nothing to help her case. Ms. Hansen hires Keith A. Gantenbein.

September 2013 another year goes by with no resolve, as the foreclosure mills, Caren Jacobs Castle, along with Michelle Attorney Keith A. Gantenbein and other agents in fraud simply pilfer Michelle Hansen’s Trust and Estate to feather their own nests. Meanwhile, Michelle Hansen in October of 2013 realizes that her attorney has been lying to her about a few things, and goes to investigate the public records to find the truth.

December 2013 During this time there were death threats on her life, Mrs. Hansen was being stalked by her attorneys family members, her phone was tapped and her dogs were being poisoned. Mrs. Hansen found 30 million dollars worth of dirty deeds located in Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder where her identity was used fraudulently, along with her late husband’s to make it appear that they owned more than one HUD home, but in fact were “investors.”

Michelle Hansen’s Third Attorney Gary Fielder was completely compromised and told Michelle Hansen either you take $75,000 and run  or… “well as we can all see he dropped me before the illegal selling  of my property and never so much as informed me!”—Michelle Hanson.

?????????????????????Attorney Gary Fielder a regular guest on (AIPAC Stooge Alex Jones) radio show

October 2013 Michelle Hansen immediately sprung into action, filed identity theft reports, went to all the local authorities that she could think of to report this crime, and to date her visit with the Department of Justice was the most revealing, along with the meeting with the FBI.  The Department of Justice let her know through their conversation that with every fake identity there were fake social security numbers. “…have you found all the social security numbers yet…” says Mr. Dorchner of the U.S. Attorney’s office located in Denver Colorado.

October 2013 at the request of the US attorney’s office, Hansen takes the evidence that she has accumulated to the FBI, who refuses to take her evidence. Hansen asks the Local FBI agent in the satellite office located in Denver Colorado a few questions. The most important being the following, “Am I to understand that JP Morgan Chase and or others are using my identity, my social security number to launder money?”  The FBI man responded, “Well, sort of.”

The more she dug through records, the more she could see the pattern of this fraud.  It appears that not only were there fake court cases being run through Arapahoe County Judicial Center, but her identity was being used, human trafficking style to launder this money, property, and or derivatives. Hansen could find no competent attorney, council, or lawyer to help her with these matters, and the one that she thought was the “good Guy” Gary D. Fielder” was completely compromised.

April 17 2014 Arapaho County Sheriff and Aurora Police 30 men, ten armed men evicted Michelle “Harris” and ALL OTHER OCCUPANTS, 44 days ago by gunpoint in the County of ARAPAHOE, in the CITY OF AURORA, Colorado. After 1,176 days, three lawyers, 9 fake foreclosures, 15 fake identities discovered, 8 faked social security numbers, poisonings, death threats, criminal stalking, and countless attempts to get help investigating all of this fraud, Hansen filed a federal court case on her own, and is set to be before the “Honorable” Judge Blackburn in US District Court in Colorado later this month.

(Insert Video)

[Michelle Hansen has found no relief, no one brave enough to go against the machine, no one willing to fight against stealing from the Treasury Department of the United States.  To date, Michelle has discovered many instances of Insurance fraud, Title Fraud, Mortgage Fraud, HUD Fraud, Document forgery, Fraud on the Court, Securities Fraud, human trafficking. Hansen has records both private and public that prove Criminal Racketeering in the State of Colorado, against her, criminal trespassing upon her, her late husband’s estate, her estate, her trust, grand larceny, mail theft and so many other Grave Acts of Moral Turpitude, that what are you suppose to do when you are all alone, fighting the machine?

Although Michelle Hansen has been through one of the most corrupt, dirty states in the “United States” she still believes that there could be a meeting of the minds, and that she is searching for the illusive thing called JUSTICE, she knows that everything was and is fraudulent and that her home wasn’t even a HUD home, and that she is now entangled in what appears to be at the very least a $3 million dollar ponzi scheme, with Keith A. Gantenbein Jr. as the “Creditor.”  Michelle Hansen’s intent is not to embarrass a State that already was the site of the Savings and Loan fiasco, but to bring her wrong doers to JUSTICE.

Hansen knows that she can’t afford the rent a cops, or to rent out the court rooms, (and pay into the judges living trust) or that she does not possess the magic handshake of this freemasonic one horse town. However, Hansen has enough proof of fraud, evidence so damning that they weren’t just caught with their pants down…the agents in fraud were caught with their pants down, creating fraudulent identities, insurance policies, fraudulent documents, sending in their cleaners, and creating fraudulent loans, property descriptions while simultaneously pilfering her estate. Michelle Hansen sums it up best when she concluded our interview by stating the following, “I am a living witness to corruption in Colorado that knows no limits, a bunch of pirates on the open seas looting every vessel and liquidating beneficiaries.” “I have no desire to embarrass anyone, but alas these corporations do not have feelings, these corporations that conspire with these agents in fraud to plunder all that discover their fraud, I will not give in to extortion or threats. I simply want to be free, to live in peace, relocate and preferably, not six feet under or in a jail cell.

(Hovde Financial Group was involved in a Ponzi scheme involving Denver Bronco Players)

3 separate Identity thefts

Michelle Hansen Real Name

Nine Fraudulent Names and Identities Created for the Mortgage and Securities Frauds

Michelle D. Hansen
Michelle M. Hansen
Michelle R. Hansen
Michelle Hanson
Michelle Harris
Dawn Michelle
Michelle Marie Hansen
Michelle Renee Hansen
Michelle Ranea Hansen

Dead and Late Husband
Real Name Danny Lars Hanson went buy Dan Hansen
Nine Fraudulent Names and Identities Created for the Mortgage and Securities Frauds

Dan L. Hansen
Daniel Hansen
Eric Scott Hansen
Erik Hansen
Dana Hansen
Erick Hansen
Daniel L. Hansen

Affidavit of Beliefs and Facts of Michelle Hansen dated this May 16, 2014. 

Michelle_HansenMichelle Hansen Mortgage Fraud Victim

I knew something was very wrong,  when even the employees of Chase said this situation was criminal and had me bring in all of my paperwork to fax in house, so “they (Chase) have to stop lying to you” said Chase employee, Matthew Cain.  7-News of Denver ran an interview, by Lindsey Sablon,


I declare under the penalties of perjury that I believe I am a victim of identity theft, and when my identity was stolen it was used fraudulently. I base my belief in part on both personal knowledge and documentation most recently discovered. I have a reasonable belief in the following statements.

I have reported this to the IRS and many other governmental entities. The IRS has confirmed that my identity has been stolen and sent me a private pin that I am to use when filing my federal taxes. I’m still waiting on the master file. I have also discover that my late husband who purchased ONE HOME in Aurora Colorado, was a victim of identity theft, predatory lending, and his “like identities” were actually put on many home purchases that I believe to be straw homes/identities, one of which is under the name Erik Scott Hansen.

This very organized and elaborate fraud I believe to have been followed up by a man sent 
to TARGET me,  Jason Guy Hovde 2nd Husband part of the Frauds

???????????????Jason Guy Hovde, who later would become my husband (2010), and

Keith A. Gantenbein Jr. and his father and associates who would later become my attorney in a wrongful foreclosure (2012). The reason that I believe that there is a massive collusion of this fraud, is because every entity that I have gone to for help in investigating what I believe to be many crimes (RICO) refuse to take my evidence. I believe that I’m in danger, being stalked, my property is being stolen, my house continues to be broken into, my pets poisoned, my mail stolen, my phone hijacked, my pc tampered with, my life threatened, both verbally and while in my vehicle driving, articles of clothing are left at my home that do not belong to me, and Aurora PD finds it very funny and say, “Sounds like someone is F****** with you.”

The following describes my personal experience in writing of the events, people, lawyers and governmental people who have all, I believe been involved in a major cover-up/intimidation/threatening of my safety/theft of my property, many acts of trespassing, theft of my identification from my home, threatening me with disappearance, identity fraud, mortgage fraud, tax fraud, insurance fraud, and other criminal acts yet to be identified.

I’ve been told and known by that my name is Michelle Dawn Harris (BIRTH CERTIFIED NAME) my Birth certified now Michelle Hansen. I’m 35 years of age, and I’m a woman who lived in a home on the land at 2869 S. Espana court in Aurora Colorado 80013. I am of sound mind and body.

My late husband was Dan Hansen (Danny Lars Hansen) the name that he was known by he passed away January 23, 2008 from a battle with cancer.


(Exhibit Dan_L_Hansen_Death_Certificate)

Dan purchased the home at 2869 South Espana Court May 30, 2006.

Tim Farney was the realtor/transaction broker for this purchase that took place in the location of American Title Services escrow office, located at 7935 East Prentice Avenue, Suite 101 Greenwood Village, CO 80111 May 30, 2006.  We were both lead to believe that the property “my home” was a HUD home, because Tim Farney had been making blind bids for us/Dan on properties for about eight months. He had given us a master key and we had to do our own leg work to look at properties.

Tim Farney was actually the President of a two employee company called Pioneer Lending.  Pioneer Lending now set up shop in New York.

(Pioneer Lending LLC 15200 East Girard Avenue #4350 Aurora, Colorado 80014)
(New York Filing Secretary of State) March 18, 2013 Opened Up Shop
NYS Department of State
Division of Corporations
Entity Information
The information contained in this database is current through May 21, 2014.

Selected Entity Name: PIONEER LENDING LLC
Selected Entity Status Information
Current Entity Name:
Initial DOS Filing Date:
MARCH 18, 2013
Entity Type:
Current Entity Status:

Selected Entity Address Information
DOS Process (Address to which DOS will mail process if accepted on behalf of the entity)
38-19 UNION ST.
Registered Agent

This office does not require or maintain information regarding the names and addresses of members or managers of nonprofessional limited liability companies. Professional limited liability companies must include the name(s) and address (as) of the original members, however this information is not recorded and only available by viewing the certificate.

*Stock Information
# of Shares
Type of Stock
$ Value per Share
No Information Available
*Stock information is applicable to domestic business corporations.
Name History
Filing Date
Name Type
Entity Name
MAR 18, 2013
Fictitious name must be used when the Actual name of a foreign entity is unavailable for use in New York State. The entity must use the fictitious name when conducting its activities or business in New York State.

NOTE: New York State does not issue organizational identification numbers.
(Exhibit re-disclosure)
 (Exhibit re-disclosure 2nd.pdf)

I believe Tim Farney is now active again as a Realtor for HomeFinanceGroup a “transactional broker” of some sort, who as of January-February renewed his license because of “a real estate deal must have dropped in his lap that he couldn’t pass up.” Says Mr. Brode that works behind the scenes for Mr. Gary D. Fielder (the third attorney I hired) what a show that ended up being.)

My Third Attorney Gary Fielder who appears on Alex Jones Infowars radio program was completely compromised and either I took $75,000 and ran  or… well as we can all see he dropped me before the illegal selling  of my property and never so much as informed me!

Dan, my late husband had instructed me if he were to pass, that I was to go into our office and there was a packet, I was to open it and call the Estate Attorneys. I did just this believ
on or around January 24th, 2008. We set up an appointment for the last week in January 2008.

The Estate Attorneys are Wade Ash Woods Hill and Farley at 360 S. Monroe Street Suite 400 Denver Colorado 80209.

I met with Laurie A. Hunter and Kimberly Rutherford.  At this time I was told to continue to make payments on the mortgage to SunTrust (the second) and Chase (the first) that there was no insurance on the Mortgage. So, I did just that and continued to do so for years.
(SunTrust Now Insolvent paid $180 million dollar settlement closed 2011)

(Exhibit Suntrust_closing_fee_Jasons_Hovde_handwriting)

2010: In December of 2009 I met a man by the name of Jason Guy (Hovde).
I actually was not dating, I was writing a book on the dating world from a widow’s perspective, and it was supposed to be a humorous novel. Jason Guy Hovde, I have since found out from EHarmony, had a very active account, and was never deactivated.  Later EHarmony deleted his account and barred him for life.

Hovde quickly moved into my property in February 2010. We were engaged in April 2010(right before tax day) and we were married on August 2, 2011 in Rocky Mountain National Park. I believe that the wedding license was filed in Douglas County at his insistence.

September 2011 Hovde decides that he is going to file for bankruptcy, insists that I file bankruptcy with him to which I refuse.  My understanding of who the Hovde family was and what their professions were was based solely on what they told me, and what I witnessed.  I believed that J. Hovde was an upstanding man, which I loved very much. I was told by Jason that he was a Certified Financial Planner and ran his own company Hovde Wealth Management LLC (Exhibit ) from my den from August 2010-Until his abrupt departure May 6th, 2011. In September 2010, there was a “third party” auditor not connected with LPL Financial which was the company that Jason said he was a broker for, that came to 2869 S. Espana Court to perform an “audit” The night before this audit, Jason moved three filing cabinets out into the garage because “they can’t be in here tomorrow” when I asked, “Why?” Jason told me, “This is family files, these are separate”

I now know that those filing cabinets that he had moved to the garage before the audit were drawers full of Estates and Trusts. /Buy Sell documentations and Private Clients.

(Insert Exhibits LPL Financial
 (Exhibit Hove Financial LLC)
(Exhibit LPL Financial Jason Hovde Subpoena )
Jason Hovde
LPL Financial Corp.
7600 East Arapahoe Road STE 107
Centennial. CO. 80112
Reference: Linda Sue Whitney
District Court Logan County, State of Colorado
Case No: 09 DR 136

Jason Guy Hovde began having “family meetings” over a directory that had been put in the City of Parker Colorado Commerce group news paper because they had put his email and business as Jason Hovde Hovde Group, with an email address. Jason told me “they fu***** printed the wrong name!” When he told me this, I told him, “why don’t you just call them up if that’s an error, and surely they will fix it.” What I didn’t know then is that Don Hovde, Jason’s father actually runs Hovde Financial. Only, it is run in another state, another company umbrella.

What I had been told by Jason was that his father had had a company in 1997, and he had worked with him, it was called HOVDE AND ASSOCIATES, INC FINANCIAL FACILITAORS is the sign that had hung on the door of their office. I had been told that Don had sold his business and went to work for Campbell as a wholesaler, and no longer ran that business.

In further research I actually found this (exhibit ) which shows the subsidiaries of Hovde Group. The VERY same Hovde Group that Don Hovde had said, “Don’t get us confused with that Hovde Group, they’re a bunch of crooks.”
(Hovde Financial Group was involved in a Ponzi scheme involving Denver Bronco Players)

In or around April 2011, Jason had stood over me in one of his drunken rages (he had been in AA for 7 years) but decided that he was no longer an alcoholic in May of 2010. He stood over me and said that I needed to sign paperwork to assume the 2nd mortgage with SunTrust because it was not in my name. He had ridden me about this for months, but I told him the Estate Attorneys said to just keep making the mortgage payments and I didn’t need to put the mortgages in my name and pay the fee of $150.00. This infuriated him further.  Not wanting to suffer the reproductions of his rage, I signed what I believe was an assumption of the second loan that was with SunTrust.  To this date, May 16, 2014 I cannot find the document that I signed, I am left with the conclusion that I did not assume anything, but in fact he had me sign something under duress and threats and I have no idea what it was.

To this date, today May 16, 2014, I cannot find any public record of my signature for this “second mortgage” that I was lead to believe I had signed. I believe that Jason burned the copies of whatever I had in fact signed, because I cannot find any of those documents.
In June of 2011, when separating all of Jason’s belongings from mine, I had come across what I thought were blank cds, but after listening to one of them I realized that Jason had actually been recording AA meetings, probably to gather personal information on people and their identities that are actually supposed to be a private forum.

Between January of 2011 and May 6th, of 2011. Jason’s behavior was erratic, his phone stopped ringing he was at a much heightened state of paranoia, and in January 2011 he had lost his largest client who owned farm land out by Greely Colorado.  It was about the second week in January and Jason yelled from his computer, “He just went out the back door!” “F****** hell, ____ just went out the back door!!”

I didn’t know what that meant, so I asked Jason “does that mean you lost a client?” He was beyond consoling. He started talking about the niece of this client had done it. “She did this!” and I asked, “Why is a niece in charge of things?” He looked at me through his hands up in the air and said, “She’s in charge of the F****** estate!” So, I said “Why don’t you just call him up, and work things out, I’m sure it’s all a misunderstanding.”

I didn’t realize at the time that the man that he was referencing was actually dead, or on the private side someone had hijacked their land. I didn’t realize that the Hovde’s are actually involved in a lot of things, not limited to “we like to collect real-estate” said Don Hovde to me one night that we had had Marsha and Don Hovde over for dinner. Don knew the builder of my home, the year it was built, and who owned the land originally I simply discounted it at the time not realizing Jason Guy Hovde was actually just after my Trust/property, and I believe was my “handler” to get my property that was in fact tied to a Ponzi scheme, and along with the insurance policies that he had set up in May of 2008 (five months after my husband’s passing) I just didn’t know any of this for years.

The last week in April 2011, Jason’s jeep had been keyed and he accused me of doing it.
He started playing with guns in the kitchen, loading them with bullets and cocking the guns, saying to me that he is well protected. I told him that it is inappropriate to play around with guns in my kitchen and to go put them away.

May 4th, 2011 Jason had a bon-fire in the back yard.
(Exhibit: Jason_Hovde_Buring_Hovde_Wealth_Management_Documents)

Jason Hovde Destroying Evidence 3 days before renaming his company Hovde Wealth Management to Hovde Financial Group. The Documents that Jason Hovde burned were Securities buy-sell documents, client files, and SunTrust Documents.

May 6th 2011 about 9 am Jason tells me, “I can’t give you what you need” “I have to go concentrate on my business, it’s in trouble” “I need to quit smoking” and was almost robotic. He left my home by 4pm. Wiped out his external drives, took his laptop and a few other things and left.

Immediately after Jason left I looked for a roommate. Within 24 hours I began getting disconnect notices of utilities that I was told and had been showed that they were paid. Within one week there were strangers at the mail box located around the corner from my home asking if “Is Jason Hovde home?” I stated that he no longer lived with me, and that he’s taken off to god knows where. This was very strange because Jason Hovde did not have a friend, not a SINGLE friend, let alone anyone other than his parents that had ever been to my home.

I filed for divorce the week of May 20th, 2011, and two weeks later I hired Mark Brandes who became my divorce attorney.  In the meantime I had found a roommate, whom I believe was paid to be a plant, I actually didn’t know there could be such a thing, and my divorce attorney said he was. I have video of him getting on my password protected computer in the middle of the night. He would sharpen his camping knives down stairs which was where his living space was, and he would say, “You know Michelle you should just give him the annulment” etc. His name was Benjamin.

On August 15th, 2011 about an hour and half after Jason Hovde had come to get the last of his property, that he had actually abandoned at my property, but that I had boxed up for him in June. Ben showed up in front of my three witnesses, and he vacated my home with two “friends” who helped him move. My uncle had recognized one of the men that accompanied Ben to help him move his things as a man who had been to AA, in Parker Colorado. This man was friends with Jason Hovde. I have pictures of this man’s vehicle and pictures of his face loading up Ben’s belongings. If needed for further documentation.

Between June and August of 2011 I discovered many inaccuracies to the stories that Jason had told me for over the short 18 month relationship.
I found a trash bag in the garage with two witnesses and in that garbage bag contained my social security card (Michelle Dawn Harris) and my passport that I had not been able to update to my new name Michelle Hansen. So it said Michelle Harris.  I also found mail that had been delivered to Lynn Hovde, Jason’s first wife to my home, these were addressed to her only, were open and I made copies and mailed to her after both emailing her, and notifying her by phone that this property belonged to her, that it was not mine, and that I needed to send it to her.

This was not received well, she was very concerned about the Insurance policy that Jason had put her under, and wanted all the details. (I have these emails)

May 2011, I had called JPMorgan Chase, whom I believed at the time was the mortgage company and attempted to make arrangements that payment would be delayed. Jason Hovde had wiped out all the checking accounts, and had actually been hijacking the mail from me, so I didn’t know that my unemployment would run out in two weeks. They assured me everything would be fine. One week later they refused to speak to me, “you have been removed from the account.”

Two weeks later, I discover by talking with Honda Finance that my vehicle, my traveling transportation is about to be reposed.  No utilities had been paid for months. Everything it appears had been reversed, all payments that had been made.  E470 toll way even reversed all toll ways for the past two years, refunded Jason and charged me over 1,000.00 for.

Needless to say, the divorce was brutal, but finally was “dissolved” around August of 2012. **I believe that this was the truth, but I now know that only on one side of this dual-tracking side of things is that true. You see the fictional character “Michelle Hovde” and “Jason Hovde” actually live in the State of Maine on Paper.

In July I called the IRS to see if the “extension of time” that Jason had filed with the IRS had actually been done. The agent that I spoke with let me know at that time that no extension of time had ever been sent, and she wanted to know where I lived, and if Jason had permission to write off all the interest on my properties. (I had had a little farm house in Palisade Nebraska that Dan and I purchased together in 2006) I told her at this time that he was not to have permission to do anything. She suggested that I file an Innocent Spouse Report Immediately, and file a report of fraud.

This is the IRS “extension of time” that Jason presented to me on April 14th, 2011

(Exhibit IRS_extention_of_time_Jason_Hovde_2)
Please note the dollar amount of $8,000.00 actually coordinated with the secondary lien on one of the straw properties.

(Exhibit: Junior_lien_Espana Court Fake Identity)

So, without my consent, knowledge Mr. Jason Hovde the con was dealing on the “private” side of things and gifted things away to The Treasury Department aka The IRS.

What I now know that actually happened is this
Marsha Hovde (Pierson) Nichole Christina Hovde (sister) Don Guy Hovde and Jason Guy Hovde all have Insurance Licenses.  I now know that Marsha Hovde had been a financial advisor and was fired from LPL in 2009, and told in a document to appropriately destroy all the documents. I now know that Jason Guy Hovde has sold his “practice” and now teaches as a professor at a financial advising institution here in Denver Colorado.

I have documentation of insurance policies for $160,000 each (three) that are connected with anchor dates of the straw loans/identities that are connected to my property at 2869 S. Espana Court Aurora Co 80013. They were issued in 2008, and are signed my Jason. (Note, I did not start dating him until 2010) (Anchor dates are May 28th, May 29th, (Remember closing of my house was May 30th) and May 31st. All for $160,000 each so on three properties. So, it appears that Jason took “Eric” aka Eric, Erick, Erik’s blood work and made himself the applicant? I’m not an expert, but I think this is some sort of insurance scam, and which would mean that Jason not only KNEW about those other properties, he knew about them in 2008…and I didn’t meet him until 2010!!!!!!!!!! His mother asked me on multiple occasions if I ever saw notes that he would write down who called and such, she said those notes were very important. I told her, you should talk to him; I have nothing to do with any of it. **She thought I was on to them or something, or just feeling me out to see what I knew or had observed. Truth was, I didn’t know anything that was going on, nothing!

In September 2011, I hired attorney Lauren Salinger of Gilman and Norberg law firm, who continued to lie to me about dealings with Castle Law Group. Ms. Lauren Salinger was the first agent-in-fraud that I hired for help, relief, and she did absolutely nothing. To this date, May 16, 2014 she has yet to answer any of peaceful requests for her itemized dealings with my home, or any record of anything.

I went looking for a second opinion and met with Keith A. Gantenbein Jr.,of Gantenbein Lawfirm in September 13, 2012, he told me at this time that Lauren Selinger wasn’t even my attorney of record, “She doesn’t even show up anywhere!” so I hired Keith Gantenbein as my Real Estate attorney who specializes with foreclosures.

In February of 2013, three days before the Rule 120 hearing for the foreclosure of my home I spray painted my garage door with the following message:  Jamie Dimon and JPMORGANCHASE   JPMORGANCHASE is STEALING this home. Ignores Home owner for 21 months. I refuse to violate federal law on your behalf as a condition of communication from you. Call me. Chase me.

There are 9 loans that were taken out in the identity/like identity of Dan Hansen. Two of his like identities were actually married off on paper to two connections to Wade & Ash ESTATE ATTORNEY (I believe employees and or insurance agent) and then they were sent to nursing homes/killed off on paper. American Title was the originating escrow I believe on all properties.

Now, the names of “Michelle Hansen” has been hijacked and are the following identities were found under the corporate name “MICHELLEHANSEN” in Arapahoe County Records office, and all the “loans/mortgages” attached to them/her. **There are some very serious Warrants that have been issued for these identities**

Michelle R. Hansen, Michelle M. Hansen, Michelle Marie Hansen, Michelle C. Hansen, Michelle D Harris,
Michelle M. Harris Michelle C Harris, Dawn Michelle, and “M. Hansen.” My concern with this has left me mortified. Especially, when I am reading a news article of a “man” convicted for mortgage fraud whose alias is “M. Hansen.”  Although, as I have been told my name is a very common name, there are too many patterns and fraud to help with my extreme worry about all of this.

**All the faked social security numbers hooked to the fake identities can be found on
I have found 6 social security numbers to date linked to my now late husband, and 4ss#s linked to my other identities. I filed an affidavit of identity theft for both my late husband and I with the IRS, I faxed it to them on 10/07/2013 two days after I actually discovered what was happening.

October 2013, I began to find that my attorney that I had hired to help me in my contested foreclosure with my home, a single family bi level home, located at 2869 S. Espana court Aurora Co 80013. Was not being honest with me about things, and there were gaps in his “stories” and just outright lies regarding my property, and who truly owns it etc.
I had received a letter to my mailbox for my late husband Dan Hansen, from Chase that they had received his request for POA for Michelle Harris to have over the loan. This letter is dated almost 5 years after his passing.  So, once Keith began telling me lies, I decided to go and look for the POA, because it would have to be filed in Arapahoe County Records office, but I did not find the POA that this letter references.  I told Keith Gantenbein on the phone that I was really concerned that I couldn’t find this POA, and that I had found a QWR in Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorders office, and it says Eric Scott Hansen.  This is when Gantenbein started yelling at me, threatened me with a subpoena of my phone records, and offered me $300 for the names of the people that I had been talking to, “No Questions Asked” He completely lost it, told me that he was going to resign as my attorney, and I told him that “you can’t just abandon me two weeks before the 120” and I just cried. However, I knew something was very wrong!

I told him “I talk to a lot of people, and it is totally within my right to speak to whomever I choose.” I couldn’t tell him that I spoke with attorneys in Cali, the FBI, DOJ dozens of men and women etc.

October 2013- I went (accidentally) into the DA office for Denver County. I thought I had actually gone into the Department of Justice office.  I spoke with a women, asked for an investigation into this matter, but not limited into what the Hovde’s had done.  She was pail, she left the room to get a glass of water, and she brought it back into this office, and set it on the end of the table. (Maritime Law) I told her once again, “I refuse to be a vessel for fraud” and I need someone to investigate this. I was exited out rather quickly, wished luck and sent on my way, my evidence was refused. I walked to the elevator and this woman that would not give me her business card watched me all the way, I turned around and looked at her and shook my head. Her behavior was very odd, and she looked as though she could faint, she just stood there like she had seen a ghost.

Realizing that I was not in the Department of Justice office, only after this “meeting” I walked the 12+ blocks to the Department of Justice building. Once I walked into the building I asked for directions from the concierge and went up to the seventh floor I believe, turned left and walked in, spoke to a woman behind the partisan of glass. I said that I needed to speak to someone about fraud. I told her at this time that I had filed two complaints with the AGs office, Aurora PD Economic Crimes Unit, the Consumer Protection Bureau and currently had an active file with the OCC. I politely let her know that I needed to speak with someone and that I needed to speak with them today.

Jeff Dorschner Spokesman, Public Affairs officer for the District of Colorado came out into the lobby. I asked if we could speak privately. He said that we couldn’t because I would need clearance. We sat down in the chairs. I gave him a reader’s digest version of what I believe had happened. Simply, I believe that my and my late husband’s identities have been stolen, I’m fighting a wrongful foreclosure, and there are very strange events that have transpired over the past two years and that I needed help with an investigation. He let me know at this time that I needed to get my information/evidence to the DA, Aurora PD Economic Crimes Unit, and the FBI. Mr. Dorschner said that he only had about five minutes because there was an emergency, and he would need to be leaving.  I had told him that I had already been to the FBI twice and they are not helpful, I told him I had already been to Aurora PD, and they did not believe me when I told them that my husband had died of natural causes.

*We exited, in the elevator, I said, “Glasses are being glued to my tables, my dogs are being messed with, someone keeps breaking into my home, and there are even articles of clothes being left” There was dead silence. The elevator doors opened and the three agents all walked out, and I drug my feet behind, trying to catch my breath from an onset of a panic attack.

Jeff Dorschner turned around to me, took out his business card,(business card pdf) He said, Michelle, I believe you, call me on Tuesday and we will have a private conversation and it will be okay, I have to go.”

(Exhibit Business cards)
I cried all the way home.

Tuesday we had our “private” conversation, which I recorded. I told him about all of my aliases I had found, all the “husbands” (which is actual marriage of property) not REAL marriages, and I now know that they are marriages with variations of “Judges” names, “Christopher Hansen” (Christopher Cross) the “Judge” during the divorce, and Justin Mark Hansen (Justin Mark Hannen) Foreclosure Judge, whom I had not even met yet in person, however Keith A. Gantenbein Jr. was working hard behind the scenes at this time with fake cases and running all nine foreclosures and identities through the “court” He asked me if I had found all the social security numbers yet. I told him, no, I don’t know how to do that, that is why I need an investigator who actually does their job.  At this time Jeff asked me, “Michelle, can you tell me what is so special about your house?”  I didn’t know the answer to that question. I told him about HOVDE, I told him about Keith Gantenbein, I told him about the events that had taken place over the past two years. He suggested that I hire a competent private attorney, and that I go to the FBI and turn in my evidence.

So, the next week, after getting everything together that I had found so far, I went to the FBI. I waited for an hour in the lobby. An agent came out, already had a pamphlet of contact information for me to report the identity theft to the FTC Clearing House Website.  I asked this man “Am I to understand that JPMorgan Chase and or others are using my identity, social security numbers, and my name/like names to launder money?”

He looked down at the ground, looked me square in the face and said, “Sort of.”  Then he proceeded to tell me that my packet of information wasn’t laid out in great order for him and critiqued the complaint that I had to fill out while I waiting. He refused to take anything, I did try to hand him a few pieces of paper, especially the mortgage packets to no avail.  He became quite animated, said that I had wasted his time that they do not handle identity theft, and that the housing situation is a civil matter and that I needed to get a new attorney.

The FBI has refused to take my evidence, they refuse to investigate what I believe to be a much conspired, Racketeering enterprise and I’m a target. They refuse.

I spoke with Scott Neilson of the FBI, and he told me that they would red flag Hovde in 2011, but that I had brought no evidential proof in that would constitute the level of money that they would be able to investigate. Of course, at that time I did not know about the 18 other mortgages being used in this security fraud, identity fraud, insurance fraud and human trafficking crime.

January 2014, I called Mr. Neilson again and told him about the agent that refused to take my evidence, he simply said that there’s nothing they can do with “conspiracy theories” I told him, I’m talking about fraud in the court, fraud in the records, and I’m under hostile attack, I told him, documents aren’t a conspiracy. He simply wished me luck.  I have been told by other women in other states that FBI cannot accept any evidence as it pertains to mortgage fraud/identity fraud when it is regarding a foreclosure issue, they have been told to “step down” by their “boss”

I reported back to Jeff Dorschner that I didn’t want to get involved in some pissing match between the DOJ and the FBI, but if no one is going to investigate this then I will continue compiling my documentation until I find a competent person at these lower levels to get the information up to him so that this complex matter of fraud can be lawfully investigated.

Mid October there is a man walking around with a flashlight, in the dark (around 11pm) in the property directly behind my house. I call 911 and tell them, I don’t know if this is an emergency, but I’m located at 2869 S Espana Court Aurora Colorado 80013, and the home behind me has some man walking around in the dark with a flash light, along the fence line to my property, and the people that live there don’t look to be home all their lights are off in their home.  The 911 operator tells me that that is the police. I say, okay, I was just concerned I know that family has young children and they had just moved in.

Exactly in the time frame of poisoning to show in dogs according to the dogs veterinarian, (17 days-21) my dog started bleeding from her ears, mouth, and every opening.  Being of sound body and mind of course, I do not go around accusing agents of municipalities, let alone “police men” of doing such acts of criminal intent to inflict harm.  At this point in the story though, I did not think that that the COUNTY OF ARAPAHOE OR CITY OF AURORA, really had anything to do with my home.

That home is a RENTAL property and it was BOUGHT by the Buy-Out Group LLC. A lawyer named Hinerman, according to SOS filings.

I continued to research what I could, with my limited knowledge of where to find all this documentation. I found more documents including but not limited to what I believe are the straw loans/names connected to my property. I also found title to what I thought was my home, however it ended up being a title to a manufactured home off of Colfax.

(Exhibit 12)
In my maiden name. I drove over to the location where this manufactured home was supposed to be, and it is not located where it says it is. It was my understanding that the title of my home was suppose  to pass to me upon death  via a beneficiary deed  that  my late husband did in October 2007 with Wade&Ash, but I believe what the Estate Attorneys did instead was put my maiden names identity as owner of a manufactured home.

Then orchestrated a new loan I believe with BAC (which is where the double funded loan on my property came from) I also have notes from Hovde in 2008, where he had inside sales numbers of people at BAC. Gosh, even account numbers, and dates are on these hand written notes of his.

The week of October 10th, Keith who had been mia for month’s calls many times trying to get the names of the people that I have been talking with, I had told him about Garn Saint Germaine and that JPMC had violated federal law by not letting me assume the loan after Dan’s death. He told me in one of the many conversations that took place over the next few weeks that if I wanted to go around suing everyone that he was not the guy for me and that I should go and hire Gary Fielder. Then a week later he tells me that Gary Fielder is actually no longer practicing law and that he had been disbarred. (In the meantime I had talked to Gary Fielder’s secretary and knew that he was actually still practicing)

October 17th, 2013 I emailed Keith Gatenbein that the POA letter wasn’t suppose to come to me and that it was in fact suppose to go to the Jarvis Address(which I now know is the Master Mortgage ) Master loan, and that all properties that are connected to it are to be collected. and that I wanted to know where Hovde fits into all of this. I stated that I REFUSE TO BE A VESSEL FOR FRAUD.

The Very next morning Keith actually met with Judge Hannon at 8:30am (Friday) October 18th according to the documents at Arapahoe County Judicial Center. This was a case for HANSEN, and it was the probate/trust being taken behind the scenes. I was not aware of any court date except my foreclosure rule 120 that had been scheduled for October 28th, 2013. Keith Gantenbein’s only case that another witness and I could find for Arapahoe County was a name “Michaela Hindman” then the next week she turned into “Michaela Hinderman”

The evening of October 18th via email, Keith A. Gantenbein withdrew as my attorney sitting a bunch of lies, tarnishing my reputation, and FILING a WRONG ADDRESS for my HOME, he filed 2895 (This links the other fake properties because all the lawyers will not file my correct address as I believe it to be 2869 S Espana Court in Aurora Colorado, County of Arapahoe State of Colorado. 

October 21st, I went to Arapahoe County Judicial Center to file a motion to continue so that I might be able to hire a competent attorney. Judge Hannon granted my request and moved the Rule 120 hearing to November 21st, 2013. (Gary Fielder was my attorney and Kim Martinez was for Castle and they kept bringing up the name “White” and I DO NOT KNOW anyone with this last name, so that is what I stated on the record. (Had this in fact been a court of record, and not a rented out room where one of my fake “husbands” was actually paid monies into his living trust.)

October 30th, 2013, I went to Jefferson County Records office located up in Golden to pull files that the night before I had researched online under the name KEITH A GANTENBEIN, and had written down all reception numbers in my notebook.  I arrived at the Jefferson County Records office about 2:00pm.

I sat down at the computer, and started putting the reception numbers into their search engine, and placing them in the shopping cart on the Public Computer, when two women came into the recorder’s office frantic asking the clerk for paperwork of “abandoning property” These two women started explain their story that they are selling their mother’s home on December 15th, and need to file a “abandonment of property” paperwork at Land Title. I chimed in, why would you ever want to “abandon property” So, these women’s story became quite exaggerated, and the taller woman points to her “sister” and says, my sister is going through bankruptcy and there are five of us and we all hold quit claim deeds to our Mother’s house. I looked at the woman that she had pointed to her, I made eye contact and knew that I had seen her before just not knowing from where. This woman turned around and left the room immediately.  Then the woman told the clerk the address of the property, to which the clerk said, that is the home address that I grew up in. I watched this “show” continue for a few minutes, and then I told the woman that you never want to abandon property for any reason ever. She left quickly after failing to convince me of her contacts at Land Title. I said, “Everything is a lie…it’s all just a bunch of lies.”

So, I continue putting files in the shopping cart, and am almost done when there is a major shift change and all the clerks leave with their purses, and coats on, and there is only two left…the woman that had lived at the same address that the “citizen” had, and one behind the patrician of glass who was actually standing waiting at the glass patrician.   A man enters the room, and older gentleman with graying hair, a red ball cap, and goes and stands at the patrician. I cannot hear what they are discussing.

I finish at the computer, it’s about 2:45pm and I collect my notebook, put it in my backpack and go and stand behind the man who is waiting at the window.  Meanwhile, the clerks have switched and one is out by the computers and has just come in the main entrance and there is the older woman that is still in the “office” part of the clerk’s office, I look down and the man has blue prints under his arm and I ask him, “Hi, watch got there?”  He says he is just trying to find the owner of some part of a property. I say, oh, do you mind if I see? So, shaking he opens this blue print rather large abstract of what he explains to me is a development and he’s looking for the owner of part of it. I ask his, “Oh, which part?” and he points to what he says is an “easement” right here and I say, “Oh, is there plumbing under there?”  He is shaking a lot at this point, and I’m thinking to myself that this old guy has had one too many cups of coffee!  He points to an end square on this easement and says there are “Utilities here” and I say, “Well, you might want to research the whole history of that property, there is some sort of shenanigans going on and there are people backdating stuff to say like 1902.”

He goes to the microfiche computer located at the back of the office, but needs the clerk’s help, who had been standing watching all of this. I thought this was odd, if he had the capability to get a blue print why doesn’t he know how to work on the computer.

I turn to pay for my documents that I had ordered via the public computer and the woman is very hesitant to give them to me. All the while she is staring towards the other clerk and the man at the back of the room.  She hands me the documents. I look at the documents, and ask her if she could possibly give me the itemized coversheet for the documents.

“We don’t have anything like that” So, I go into my backpack and say, something along the lines of that’s weird, Arapahoe County does and it looks something like this.” I say, holding up a packet of documents that I had retrieved from Arapahoe County. She stares at her computer almost frozen. She prints out the itemized sheet and brings it over to me. I tell her thank you, and ask if I may have the receipt, she goes to the trash can and takes a receipt out of the trash that says “duplicate” on it and hands it to me. I look at her and say, oh, do you by chance have the real receipt that has a breakdown of all of my purchases since I have paid for these documents with cash. She slowly walks over to the trashcan, pulls a much longer receipt out of the trashcan, looks over my shoulder to the other clerk and the man, so I look over my shoulder trying to figure out why this woman is acting so strange. I turn back to the woman and she finally makes her way over to give me the receipt. I put the papers in my backpack and say, thank you. And leave.

The man that had the blueprint in his hand I now know was Keith Gantenbein, Keith Gantenbein Jr’s Father. (Who is a real-estate investor?) The woman that was filing the “bankruptcy” in the fake story of the two women that had come into the office all out of breath and worked up, I believe that woman to be Kim Rutherford, the very woman that had actually worked at Wade Ash Woods in 2008, and in an email dated around October 2011 Laurie Hunter had let me know that Kim had had an opportunity at a title company and was no longer working with them.

The land that Mr. Gantenbein had on the blue print, was actually a blue print of land that I have an original abstract for that my late husband’s mother had given to him, of his Grandmother’s home I believe. From “Keith Gantenbein” search at Jefferson County Records. (Exhibit
Mr. Gantenbein had the woman at the clerk’s office remove the UCC filing documentation that I had ordered from my packet of documents. I also found a “Revolving Deed of Trust” under Dan’s other identity “DANA HANSEN” with “MICHEAL MOSCO” on a property supposedly in Jefferson County, and I found this under the name Keith Gantenbein, it has all forged signatures on it and a Law Enforcement FCU document and a “Power of Attorney” for Jennifer Hansen. The last page of that file has the original photocopy of what was in Dan’s leather vintage case of important papers, But with different names on it now. I had actually taken out of Jason Hovde’s office (in my den) in April of 2011, and I told him that this belongs upstairs, it’s Dan’s heirloom. Not realizing what he had done.
I didn’t realize at the time, Hovde had been hard at work, and have actually had a forensic forge specialist and a few other document professionals let me know that the original seals, the raised ones on the documents had actually been “lifted” I believe that the Hovdes are involved in some sort of real-estate swindle of stealing land.
The Hovde’s owned a printing press in Boulder Colorado for many years.
Jefferson County Colorado I believe is also connected to Jefferson Township Kansas, because according to Dickenson County Township Officers in Kansas, Jefferson Treasurer
 Is “Rita Gantenbein” at 970 Jeep Rd. Hope Kansas, 67451 phone # 785-366-7793. (Exhibit  In my research I found that 970 Jeep Road in Hope Kansas is actually the location of a “livestock yard” owned by Kenneth Gantenbein aka Keith H Gantenbein, Keith A. Gantenbein Jr’s father. At the Post office box there in town #175 belongs to a “ghost company” (I mention this because I found that this company “Ghost” is located in Austin Texas, Denver Colorado, Hope Kansas, and Rhode Island. All having Post Office box numbers for this company.

The reason that I first looked in Kansas for any information is that I was researching the Gantenbein’s and Kenneth H. Gantenbein’s name kept coming up on a Google search that would lead me to Dickenson Kansas.  In birth records I had found that a Michelle & Rachelle Harris (My birth name and my twin sister’s name) were born in HOPE Kansas, in 1970, and they both died on paper in May 2006. I went to retrieve these documents, but I could not find them anymore.

October 31, 2013 I make two trips, one to Aurora Judicial Center to get the “master file” and the “audio” tapes from the court cases I wasn’t invited to by Gantenbein. The clerk tells me at this time that they don’t have files.. At this time, I get on the computer to find my foreclosure case, and it is nowhere to be found. A man walks in without saying a word and is handed a file, by a clerk behind the glass partisan. So, I say Wow, how did you get that file, because they said they don’t keep files and that everything they have is on this computer right here and I point to the computer. He is dressed in a suit with an air of arrogance, so I decided that he was most likely an attorney.  He says something to the effect of that it depends on what kind of case and stands over my shoulder to see what I’m looking at. I’m looking at a case where a person in Maine (I lived in Maine for three months, but Hovde lied in Court and said I was there over 9 months) sued Exetor Holdings and won and was granted a grand jury trial. The beginning of that case had a 1st Amendment issue of a message to a bank, and this person won a settlement. This was case CV477 (it was a private case behind the scenes) It was Judge Charles M. Pratt that was the Judge. (I write all of this down in my notebook) I go back to my phone call, I’m on the phone with a witness telling me to look up case JV789 (Jared Hansen) DR879, CV477, DR30619, JV75 which are the cases that were listed that week under Gantenbein and Goldman(Keith’s new partner) under their law license numbers all with the name “Hansen”. I however do pull Michaela Hinermans foreclosure, and the clerk will not charge me for this rather large packet. Meanwhile the man has left and is standing out in the hallway recording me on his phone.

What I didn’t realize is that man was a Goldman, either Scott Goldman, Keith’s new partner, or his partners brother(they look a lot alike in their pictures) So I stop in the hallway, put Hinermans file in my backpack and look back at him and shake my head in disgust) His brother runs an insurance company.
I go to Arapahoe County Treasurer’s office located on 5334 South Prince Street Littleton Colorado 80166 where the teams of ladies have all been trying to help me with any documentation that I need. We look up Michaela Hinderman in the files and she is gone.

I go over to Arapahoe County Assessor’s office and speak with a woman who lets me know that there is no foreclosure on my property, and the only foreclosure that is happening is the with the woman that owned the house before Dan bought it in 2006. She prints up everything she has on file for me and says she is so tired of these people stealing homes. She writes on the packet, this is the legal description of your property; this is the only thing that holds up in court.

This “legal description” is one of the 5 I found for my home, and realize that this is bigger than I had thought.

In November two of my dogs are poisoned, Kizmet my toy poodle was the worst, her internal bleeding was extreme, both internal and external. The Veterinarian asks me, what happened about three weeks ago?  The only thing that stood out was that call to 911, but I didn’t verbalize that. I just cried. The “policeman” was at the line of the privacy fence that I share with that property behind me.

I’m not even sure if those were real policeman in that back yard.

In December my phone was hijacked while I was talking with what I believed was Excel Energy to make arrangements for utility bill. They said they would not make arrangements with me that I had to pay it in full, but then gave me numerous totals, of what was due: $198.00 –to $1400.00 I believe there were 8 or 9 totals in all. (Probably for all the houses) My electricity was turned off, and my furnace was unable to operate with an electric thermostat. I was given an 800 number for matters pertaining to identity theft by this “excel energy” employee; it was a Caribbean Cruise Line Number. Eventually, I had to get DORA involved, through the Utility Commission to help me get it turned back on.

Between October-and January my home was entered into on many occasions. My passport was stolen, my mailbox keys, and documents had been removed from my home. These men are called “cleaners” (I learned this term for a man who did an internship at a Sheriff’s Department) they collect documents, DNA, and steal items from your property.  I attempted to make a theft report for these items so there would be documentation.

The police officer- Officer M. Springer Operations Division Patrol of the Aurora PD. Began our conversation by letting me know that he would file my report as “disappeared” I told him to please write a report that theft has occurred and that my passport was stolen, along with documents and my mail keys. His behavior was alarming; he touched my arm, which I immediately backed away. He began what can only be described as the most intimidating interrogation without Miranda rights, conversation I have ever been a part of. He rocked back and forth, to which I asked him. “Are you okay?” I didn’t realize that was supposed to be an intimidation tactic, I just thought he must be dizzy, so naturally I am concerned, I won’t be able to catch him if he falls. I am 5 foot one inch tall, 125lbs, this man stood over six feet, well over my weight. I asked him if he could assist me in getting the schedule of the past month of the property inspectors, and I gave him the contact name for Castle Law group, Kim Martinez that he would be able to get it from her, but that would be helpful, so I could figure out when and why all of these events were happening. He began in a really animated fashion swinging is arms and saying, “Michelle what is so important about this house, what is SO IMPORTANT about THIS god damn house??!?!”

(Exhibit Business Cards.pdf)
I cried. I said, my late husband made arrangements to make sure that everything would be okay with our home; he spent the last six months of his life making sure that it would be okay, and it isn’t okay.

The policeman says, you’re single, just you and your dogs, why don’t you just move out already?!  I’m actually horrified at this moment because I realize he knows I have more than one dog, but I had only brought up one. I say that I have to go, and ask him if he’s getting fed questions through his earpiece. This did not go over well. He asked me about my biological parents to which I told him that I don’t know much about them, that I wasn’t raised by them. This is just a theft report, can you please write down my information so that I can have documentation with you for later.  He referred to me as “you’re crazy” twice.  I didn’t react. He wrote my name down under CORPORATE COMPLAINTS. This police officer was sent to my home simply to intimidate me, all I wanted to do was file a theft report.

This criminal harassment and intimidation is not limited to my home. I was at the grocery store contemplating a soup purchase when a man walked behind me and said, “get out before they kill you” I didn’t react, I waited until he was at the end of the isle and I left the store. I did not get a good look at his face; he was average white male wearing a red baseball cap.

In January 2014, I went to the bank to get something notarized, I was told that it would be about 15 minutes.  The bank agent made a phone call and in walks this white mid-60s man with a red ball cap on, and sits and stares at me, so I smile and then stare back.  Then I facebook, should I offer my stalker some candy. I’m then taken to a desk, where this “notary” woman keeps looking over at the man that has been sat in the cubicle next to me. He sits there alone, with his white envelope. She occasionally glances over at him, and he is listening. I got out of there as quickly as I could!

Just two weeks ago a man pulls up in a Nissan Mini-van sends his son to go and ring my doorbell over and over again. I do not answer the door. I open my window upstairs and ask what do you need? They make up some story about wanting to purchase the car in front of my house (my next door neighbor likes to park their cars in front of my home) I am followed all the time by Nissan vehicles. Mostly the new mini-vans, with no plates, temp tags in the back windows, but the windows are too dark to see anything. The driver of the minivan wears a red ball cap.

Organized stalkers.

I now know that this is all referred to as “gang stalking” but it is not just limited to my home. Two months ago, my friend’s home telephone box was set on fire for the second time. His alarm system was tampered with, and I’m followed to and from his home located in Aurora Colorado about 3 miles from my home.

The house that is behind me I believe is the shill house, so I stood in my door way and sent them a message in sign language: I see you, do you see me? You are operating under the color of law; I will not be a vessel for your fraud.”  The family was gone within 24 hours, and a maintenance crew came in and cleaned up the house, I believe there are devises that were installed on their roof. A few weeks ago the man that was on the roof, put up his hoodie, smiled at me and pointed and laughed, then made a phone call. I was standing in my kitchen watching this, gave no reaction.  What an absurd waste of resources for all of these people that are doing their bad deeds, and why?

These people leave documents in my home that don’t belong to me. So, I put them in baggies, document when they were left, and keep moving forward. A fake Colorado Driver’s license was left in my home and placed on my mantle. This is NOT my driver’s license; I believe that it is a fake one.  The reason I have come to this conclusion, is the driver’s license that I had expired in 2013, so I renewed it and have receipts of renewing it.  You cannot renew a driver’s license if it is any longer than thirty day expiration out thus the license that expires in 2014 is a fraud. It is NOT mine; it is NOT the driver’s license that I have in my possession, but an entirely different one.

My computer is completely tampered with always, and I actually use a friend’s computer to send emails to my current attorney Gary Fielder and his legal assistant Jeffrey Brode (who is actually off the books and just a “writer”)

I was run off the road on Hampden Ave, just south of Parker Road. (In December 2013) It was a Nissan black new pickup truck with no tags, just paper tags in the window that I couldn’t see. The windows were too black tinted to identify them.

I met with two individuals at DORA. Mr. Michael Williams (Investigator) and Carolynn Dionese-Wright Division of Real Estate. It became quite clear to me that something was wrong when Michael Williams told me to go ahead and destroy the documents that I have in my house for Hovde.  I didn’t realize that Jason Guy Hovde has trademarked his name I believe, there is more to the Jason Hovde then I know about it. However, this was just a ruse to see how much information I knew, which at the time was little to nothing.  I did not destroy the documents. I believe that the documents that I have on HOVDE, his own stamped papers, clients and the KKK directory and Post it Notes finances./LPL etc are all very vital to an investigation into criminal activity. Some of these documents, connect to my home, they show that Jason G. Hovde actually became my Guardian, and are some misc. docs about HOVDE and there was the case that he was freaking out about because someone’s retirement went missing and somehow he got out of it?)  (Please Note that I have paperwork/documents on a “Carol” and “Micheal” one week from this meeting, and they all have some pretty serious documents with “Michelle Hansen”)

That he was sent to perform acts of great moral turpitude surrounding me, my identity, and my property and knew about the houses/loans connected with mine. I believe that going through his documents, he puts tape on dates, and to cover up the years…I have been told that this is a forgery/back dating tactic for the crooks.

Marsha Gail Hovde: Jason’s mother kept telling me over and over on Easter weekend of 2011, “I’m going to renew my series 5” over and over, and that “I’m going to help Jason with his business” She was extremely direct, and said, “do you hear me?” I said, yes, that’s nice.  I didn’t even know what a series 5 was, just that they were all acting extremely weird.
Marsha Hovde asked me on the phone if I kept a diary? She had rambled on about this story about finding her mother in laws diary in her effects etc.  I told her NO. This was a lie, I did keep a diary, but it was actually stolen out of my home in September 2011. I did find my diary from childhood, but there is someone else’s writing all over in it… and I have kept it only because I believe that in this diary that belonged to me in the early 1990s, will be discovered in other documents that I will find in the Clerk and Recorder, and have found a few in other States.

On January 31, 2014, while boxing up my kitchen I found an envelope that I didn’t open, it was addressed to Dan Hansen dated May 2013. This envelope was open and I pulled the letter out and had no idea what it was. So, I called this “Michael” guy who let me know that this was for an insurance policy that “Michelle Hansen” had set up and that it had my phone number, my address and everything. He said, “You set up this claim” I told him, I most defiantly did not, I don’t even know who American security Insurance Company is!! He said that I would need to fax him a copy of the POA that I have, and my identification.
I did not fax this, I don’t know if this “Michael Alexander” is a real person running a legitimate company, of if this is more acts of perpetrating this massive FRAUD.

I’m not a disgruntled divorcee…I don’t know that man that I married. I have been told that “Jason must be your handler.” I’ve been told by a legal assistant, “It’s obvious that he’s a crook, but you married into the mob, and now they’ve got you.” Who says this??

So, I continue putting together documentation while I’m continually threatened, harassed and stalked.
My late husband signed the deed on May 30th 2006, and at this time there were other identities /social security numbers that had been created for him, and the other properties. The names are as follows: Daniel L. Hansen, Erik S. Hansen, Eric S. Hansen, Erick S. Hansen, Erik B. Hansen, Daniel Hansen, Daniel H. Hansen, Daniel K. Hansen, Dan Hansen, Dana Hansen, Danny Lars Nansel (was backdated by the Gantenbeins to collect his trust/estate and then quit claim the deed, back to themselves)

What I know about this “Eric Scott Hansen” is that he is an advisor on paper at least for LPL Financial. He resides at the same address in Boulder Colorado that Jason Guy Hovde’s business address was registered to before he “sold his practice” “Eric Scott Hansen” became a financial advisor just about a month after Jason Guy Hovde’s licenses expired. “Eric Scott Hansen” is also registered in California, and Ohio as a “Financial Advisor”

**What I know as a fact about Keith A. Gantenbein is the following.  He worked for Castle Law Group for “two years” then he started his own practice once he became a “Whistleblower” with the Mortgage Fraud and Castle Law Groups Dealings. “Gantenbein Law” then he joined Scott Goldman in October of 2013 and they formed Gantenbein and Goldman LLC. In 2011 under the name of Keith Gantenbein there were 30 mortgages all done by SUNTRUST, that I found in UCC filings under the following accounts: 7009 2820 0000 5181 9231 perfected on June 02, 2010 in the amount of $30,480,000.00. Contract File #01454132217 (Lot 13 WOODLANDS FILIN NO 3 1st Amendment, County of Douglas, State of Colorado also known as 2386(or 2356) BAYBERRY LANE, CASTLEROCK COLORADO 80104.I believe that these were all involved in a “private sale” through the Secretary of State.

Keith Gantenbein Jr’s father Keith H. Gantenbein who also goes by Kenneth Gantenbein had under his corporate identity at Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder a Warranty Deed dated 12/22/1999 with the Name DANNY L NANSEL filing # 19993062588723. Then “Kenneth Gantenbein” gets this property 9/28/2000 Section 13 Township 2 Range 64 filing # 2000030715457. Then Kenneth Gantenbein sales it to Five Part Development CO LLC 09/28/2000 and a Warranty Deed #6270 149 filing #2000030715456.

Five Part Development Co LLC is –ID#19971012522 a Registered Agent of Alpine Disposal Inc. but was organized by Robert L. Loeb, Jr Esq. Fairfield and Woods P.C. One Norwest Center Suite 2400 1700 Lincoln Street Denver Colorado 80203.  1997 The Manager of this company is Sandra Spano. They have failed to file periodic reports for the past seven years but apparently that does not matter and their status is “in good standing” My Computer that I’m using today will not let me print out these files.

There are plumbing liens that I found under “Keith Gantenbein” in Jefferson County that total $136,386.00 and contain a very BIG list of contractors. (Exhibit 18 A&B)*please note the companies, Hospice’s, Attorneys, and “contractors”

One of my last conversations with Keith A. Gantenbein Jr. The attorney that I had hired to help me fight my foreclosure was yelling at me, “Michelle, you can walk away now, walk away now and be free and clear.”   I thought this was crazy because I thought that I still held the second mortgage in its entirety, and I’m still in the thought process that surely we can come to an understanding/mod something with the bank.  I don’t realize that this is a BOLD face threat.

Keith also has authority to collect the following pool of mortgages and or properties I believe.
GNMA: Pool # 00336495CD
CHMC: Loan #0088201
FBSMC: 623742

(This information was VERY important to Gary Fielder’s legal assistant; they had told me that we would get my money back from Gantenbein.) This has never happened. In fact, Judge Justin Hannen one week after thanksgiving had a payment made to his “Living Trust” under the name “Hannon” attached to the Jarvis Address.  It is my understanding that the Jarvis address is the Master Mortgage or “transmitting utility” that was done, and everyone is working together to remove any and all evidence of fraudulent loans.

I believe that every single time I went to the land records office; there were massive amount of documents that were removed right after I had pulled them at both Arapahoe County, Jefferson County. Especially in Jefferson County, Keith A. Gantenbein had had 10 pages (quite a few entries per page) of information under his corporate identity, and two days later there were only three. (I had a witness that observed this also) and the UCC filings online had disappeared (I however took pictures with my camera to document the filings) I have also had trouble getting them to stamp documents official.

I do know that in Arapahoe County there is one man who helps when he isn’t being sent away, and he will get on the master computer, pull documents in “sub folders” everything.  When I would right down documents to pull, or documents that didn’t have an image available online, I would go and try to pull these documents, and the Public Computer would say that they don’t exists.  However, this man that works there knows just where to find these documents on his computer.

I will never forget the first time that I went with the list of all the “men” that I “owned” land with, and “marriage licenses” etc, and this man at the Arapahoe County Records actually said, shahs…they will come in here, I do this for you, I know what to do.  Wouldn’t you know it, he printed out EVERY last document that I needed, and I put them in my backpack before the “bad ladies” came in from the other room. I paid for the documents, and I would gladly pay for them again, this man which I won’t put his name down in print, knows exactly what is happening at the Arapahoe County Records office.

A little more information about Keith Gantenbein, is that his father owns a “livestock yard” is what the company is referred to in Kansas. (I can provide these docs to you later if needed) They run everything out of Jefferson, and Hope Kansas, in Dickenson County. I had found records of “Michelle Harris” and “Rachelle Harris” that were born there in 1970, and then were both killed off on paper, but I didn’t realize at the time that I was attempting to order these documents from “Rita Gantenbein” in Jefferson (Hope Kansas)

Back to My house and the properties that are connected to it are as follows:

Dan Hansen 2869 S. Espana Court Aurora Colorado 80013 (This is where I lived before the illegal eviction by armed mercenaries, what I believe was to be the property that my late husband purchased in May 30, 2006.That with the beneficiary deed, that was recorded, title was supposed to pass to me.)  I however know that none of that was true.

Exhibit, 31, is notes from his “office” and there is talk about running municipals bonds through with second death?????? There were also hand-written notes on “Liquidating Beneficiaries.”

 (IRS Extension of time exhibit)
(Exhibit 31 correct)

1597 Ensenada Street, AURORA Co. 80017-5505 Parcel#1975-22-4-26-009  Michelle C. Harris and Christopher George Harris (Married Couple) Lender is USAA Federal Savings Bank- $ 171,805.00 Legal Description of Property is:  Lot1, Block 3, Lexington East Subdivision, Filing No. 3, County of Arapahoe State of Colorado.

(Exhibit USAA Michelle Harris Straw)

1597 S Ensenada St, Aurora Colorado 80017 Parcel#1975-22-4-26-009 Christopher George Harris and Michelle C. Harris Lender is Irwin Mortgage Company $167,000.00
This one has an adjustable rate rider and is a VA Loan.
(Ensenada #2 loan between Michelle C Harris & Christopher)

**7652 South Niagra Way, Centennial Colorado 80112 #2075-32-1-12-008 Michelle R. Hansen and Christopher B. Hansen Lender is: On Q FINANCIAL INC. $271,700.00 Legal Description is Lot 37, Block 2, FOXRIDGE III, County of Arapahoe, and State of Colorado. November 1st.
(Exhibit q financial Inc Straw names)
(Exhibit q financial Inc Straw names_2)
2866 West Bryant Place, Littleton, CO 80120 “Purchase Money”( Michelle M.Hansen(R added, M scratched out) and Travis J. Hansen $113,250.00 FHA case 052-044614-3-703(B) Lender is FT. Mortgage CompaniesD/B/A MNC Mortgage

(Exhibit ft morg co mnc mrm hansen)
17950 East Jarvis Place, Aurora Co 80013-3426 Parcel#20730412020 (MAY 18th) Erik S. Hansen and Michelle M. Hansen. Lender is GreenPoint Mortgage Funding, Inc.-$180,000.00 Legal Description of Property is: Lot 20, Block 6, Summer Breeze Subdivision Filing No 3, County of Arapahoe, State of Colorado. There is an Adjustable Rate Rider.

(Exhibit greenpoint mich m hansen straw)
17950 East JIRVIS PL, Aurora Co 80013 Parcel#207304120020 (May 18th) Erik S. Hansen and Michelle M Hansen, (Joint Tenancy) Lender is Norwest Bank Colorado, National Association-$20,000.00. (July 24th) but “Notary” signed (May 18th)

 (Exhibit Wells 2 Michelle m Hansen)
 4545 South Logan Street, Englewood Co 80113 Parcel#2077-10-1-21-018 Michelle R. Hansen $175,000.00 Lender is Wilmington Finance, a division of AIG Federal Savings bank. (May 1st) is in the text, but was notarized and “stamped” March 31st.

(Exhibit Wilm. Fin Michelle R. Hansen straw)
4545 SOUTH LOGAN ST. Englewood. Co. 80110 Parcel#20771021018 Michelle R. Hansen, a Married Person $161,990.00 (July 30th) Wells Fargo Home Mortgage INC. (Recorded August 2nd)

(Exhibit wells Michelle r Hansen straw)
4545 S. Logan St., Englewood Colorado 80110 $8,000.00 Funding Partners of Housing Solutions Inc. a Colorado Non-profit Corporation
(Exhibit 30)
(Note this address is different, as is the parcel #)
Exhibit 30)
19878 E Girard Drive Aurora, Colorado 80013 Daniel Hansen and Roxanne Hansen(Husband and wife as joint tenants)  Lender is: Taylor, Bean and Whitaker $179,103.00 FHA 052-4299185-703 Legal Description: Lot 9, Block 4, Seven Hills Subdivision Filing No 4, County of Arapahoe, State of Colorado.

(Exhibit Dans straw)
19878 East Girard Drive, Aurora Colorado 80013 Daniel Hansen and Roxanne Hansen. Lender is Wells Fargo Bank; N.A. $176,457.00 FHA 052-3931851-703 Legal Description is Lot 9, Block 4, SEVEN HILLS SUBDIVISION FILING NO. 4 County of Arapahoe, State of Colorado. Commitment Number CO00040219 NS C3 .

(Exhibit Dans straw)
19878 East Girard Avenue, Aurora Colorado 80013 Daniel Hansen and Roxanne Hansen, Husband and Wife. County:1975-34-4-17-021 $176,381.00 Lender: MetLife Home Loans a division of MetLife Bank, N.A. FHA 052-6062242-703 .

(Exhibit Dans straw)
Western Federal Savings and Loan Now First Trust National Association MLA Services Assignment Original Borrower Daniel L Hansen and Lynn Hansen, His Wife $30,500.00
Lynn Hovde and Lynn Hansen I believe are the same person Jason Hovde’s first wife..
(908 Zion St. Aurora Colorado)

(Exhibit Dans straw)
Transfers to Bank of America FSB, a federal savings bank Dated 09/16/77 (Recorded 07/29/96) Notarized on the First day of May (1996) IGNORE THE YEARS, they are all allowed to redo the years because they are running everything through the bankrupts we just aren’t suppose to know or care.

(Exhibit Dans straw)
 *****12574 East Bates Circle Aurora Colorado 80014 Parcel#1973-36-2-06-062 U.S. Bank N.A. Daniel K. Hansen and Lan T. Hansen Husband and Wife. Loan #7884851035 Has PUD Rider also. $160,000.
No address* “Return to Chase Manhattan Mortgage Company Attention: FINAL CERTIFCIATES Daniel L. Hansen, Unmarried. Lot 13, Block 3, Saddle Rock Golf Club South Subdivision Filing No6, County of Arapahoe, State of Colorado.  Borrower signed June 28th; it was recorded on July 09. HOWEVER, the signatures on this document are the initials of” ERIC SCOTT HANSEN.”

(Exhibit Dans straw)
1091 S. Nucla St. Aurora, Colorado 80017. Daniel D. Hansen a single man. $166,400.00 Legal Description: Lot 8, Block 9, Tollgate Village Subdivision Filing No 3, County of Arapahoe, State of Colorado.  Lender: Primary Residential Mortgage, INC.

(Exhibit Dans straw)
The “seventh” loan is the one that Dan allegedly signed, however after having a forensic fraud specialist look at it, it has had been found to be 100% fraudulent. Castle Law Group filed it anyway with the court. Judge Hannen or “Hannon” handles all rule 120 hearings on Mondays in Arapahoe County Judicial center. (Justin Mark Hanson)  At the end of January, when Judge Hannen ordered authorizing sale of my home.

You see, there was a billion dollars that Keith Gantenbein filed UCC files with, and according to the Denver Post, the State of Colorado is having private sales to investors for these groups of houses.  So, there are a lot of players in the very organized land theft.

The bottom line is that my late husband bought a home in 2006, and the Realtor/title co forged the documents to present that he made $45k a month. Then they made up fake names, and took out loans. When the Estate Attorneys got a hold of everything, they just continued to perpetuate the fraud and married their employees off to Dan’s other “identities” and then I meet this man who had actually been planning all of this since 2008, only I didn’t meet him until 2010…and then I hire not one but three attorneys, the second verifiably a crooked liar, my third attorney dropped me the day before my house sold at “auction” which led me to the conclusion that it was never in fact a HUD home at all, and there is NO relief, no one will investigate…No one.  This is very dangerous, when you start getting into large amounts of money, and the city, state, DA, Realtor, Lawyers, judges…everyone is making money and they are all covering it up.  Apparently, even the Secretary of State office removed records, and is part of this legalized land theft, because they all must conspire together.

So, the TRUTH is this, there was never any money “loaned” and the Title Company, who is currently under investigation, and the Realtor, a.k.a. “Pioneer Lending” dual funded the “loan” and instead of running the Savings-in-loan scandal with one social security number, there were three done, three properties, and three identities.  Then, in 2008 at the time the “Trust” or “Bond” came due, the property was deemed to be abandoned, simultaneously this is when my late husband passed away from Cancer.  This is when Hovde did the insurance policies which was re-issuance of insurance and now would have to pre-meditate the appearance of default, in 2009 the Muni Bond was purchased, and in September 2011, the property was paid in full to Chase, then in 2014, upon the 9th foreclosure, JP Morgan Chase comes in again, fake bids behind closed doors with the ARAPAHOE COUNTY TRUSTEE, “buys” the property back, then re-sells it back to me, “Michelle Hansen” at auction, but SRP Sub LLC investor Bjork, lets me know this via text. “You purchased your property today.”  Then the “lawyers” have a court case that a clerk in ARAPAHOE COUNTY LIED to me about (yes, I have recordings) so I am sued without my knowledge, or proper service, and within 30 days the evict “Michelle Harris” after suiting up down the street, an Aurora PD man says, “this Michelle, she is a big problem” ironic that he was the one wearing a bullet proof vest, toting his gun, tazor, and all of his deadly weapons, and they kicked my front door in.

I have been accused of being “she’s crazy” by a woman named Mia who is a contactor that works for SRP Sub LLC, whose “lawyers” are Tshetter Hamrick Sulzer P.C. “The owner of this house refuses to leave” is what she told the 17 men that were employed off the books to clear out my home on April 17th, and unlawfully and illegally take possession of my home with the help of ARAPAHOE COUNTY SHERIFF department Deputy Muller, Mr. Osborn, and 8 other unidentified armed men in unmarked vehicles that work for the Corporation of ARAPAHOE COUNTY.

So, the long and short of it is really simple. My home was paid off in full, and then insurance policies paid it off many times since. The very people that I trusted to help me resolve this peacefully, all simply stole everything from me, pilfered my estate, pilfered my Trust, stole my mail, redesigned the patents of land to further enrich themselves, stalked me and continue to harass me with threats of their continued extortion, threats of criminal charges against me. I have done nothing wrong, other than I accidentally caught these men and women committing their crimes.

Colorado is a place that I am very embarrassed to call home; I will never be able to hire an attorney, council, or a lawyer again. I cannot bring myself to set foot into a bank. The very thought of “buying” a house ever again makes my heart immediately rapidly beat. What if I need police assistance? I don’t ever want to call them for help, and the Sheriff’s office, which I reported these crimes to and admitted that they knew it was fraudulent, but they have to get paid? Deputy Waller even admitted that he had stole a child, kidnapped a child with a fake, fraudulent court order, in my driveway letting me know that in essence, they will commit the fraud for fear of contempt retaliations. They too enjoined in this fraudulent criminality, and were paid to do so.

Re-victimized over and over again, my property stolen and administered without my consent. My identity fraudulently hijacked and the court system corrupt. I watch in horror as all the identities federal tax lien releases are done, the fake identities, the variations of mine and my late husband’s in this human trafficking orchestrated crime of criminal racketeering are released. I watch as the Municipal bond goes from 25,000.00 to 1.3 million to 2.9 million dollars through Denver County and Jefferson County.

Now, if the country needs to have “collateral” of other loans or identities to protect the interest of one, then fine. If the country is bankrupt and needs those federal tax releases totaling hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of dollars that the IRS is releasing, to operate, and then fine.  I am not a belligerent, I am not a “patriot” or anything else that the agents in fraud will and have called me.  I am a woman who has discovered massive instances of fraud and has reported these crimes. The District of Colorado is a very Corrupt State of affairs, and is no longer my “home.”  I want out, there is no remedy here, there is only the on slot of thieves, stalkers, and criminals, and I am in great danger for discovering these Catastrophic Criminal Acts of Moral Turpitude, and RICO.

You see, there was a billion dollars that Keith Gantenbein filed UCC files with, and according to the Denver Post, the State of Colorado is having private sales to investors for these groups of houses.  So, there are a lot of players in the very organized land theft.
Exhibit: Castle as Trustee.  I was told by my lawyer (the third one) that this letter that was sent to me was simply junk mail, and to ignore it.  You will notice in this letter that there are quite a few interesting points, one: My name and address are correct. Two: Castle (which are the third-party debt collector agents in fraud here in Colorado) they are called the “Trustee.”

The bottom line is that my late husband bought a home in 2006, and the Realtor/title co forged the documents to present that he made $45k a month. Then they made up fake names, and took out loans. When the Estate Attorneys got a hold of everything, they just continued to perpetuate the fraud and married their employees and or “insurance woman” off to Dan’s other “identities” and then I meet this
(There is the EXHIBIT for CASTLE DOCUMENT) Next page after all the fake loans, names and mortgages

EXHIBIT: It wasn’t until going through all the Estate Attorneys documents that I realize in May of 2014, they actually have switched the property description of my home. Flag #’s, the legal description, etc. I believe that those agents in fraud, Laure A. Hunter and all of her co-conspirators in fraud are liable for their GRAVE ACTS OF MORAL TURPITUDE, THEY ARE A MORAL HAZARD.

The ONE right above this message is EXHIBIT __ (The Legal Description of my home document) I hope the Estate attorneys love this one; they are politely called moral hazards. Description: :)
Page 15 top paragraph
Exhibit 7… Exhibit Insurance policies 2008, right below this paragraph
Blood work and made himself the applicant? I’m not an expert, but I think this is some sort of insurance scam, and which would mean that Jason not only KNEW about those other properties, he knew about them in 2008…and I didn’t meet him until 2010!!!!!!!!!! His mother asked me on multiple occasions if I ever saw notes that he would write down who called and such, she said those notes were very important. I told her, you should talk to him; I have nothing to do with any of it. **She thought I was on to them or something, or just feeling me out to see what I knew or had observed. Truth was, I didn’t know anything that was going on, nothing!

These are the private insurance policies that Jason Hovde used “Eric’s” aka Erik Hansen’s blood for him being the applicant.
(Exhibit 9b)

For the insurance policies that are the anchor dates to my mortgage on my home (closing date was May 30th) So, these insurance policies re-worked the pedigree of the ownership of my home, which co-insides with the PIN # on My home located at 2869 South Espana Court Aurora Colorado via the Treasure Department of Arapahoe County.
(Exhibit Eric Hansen)
Additional Evidence and of Notes of record from Jason Hovde records:
(Exhibit 24)
(Exhibit 23b)
Chase 6 years after Dan Hansen death Chase sends Power of Attorney to his widow Michelle Hansen:
Exhibit 23
Michelle D. Hansen

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